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Koki is the Indonesia word for cook. Koki Asian Cuisine was created by an Indonesian immigrant that, upon her arrival to the US, was appalled by the lack of diversity in Asian dining in main stream market places, like malls; most of the food represented as Asian in these venues was "Chinese." With nearly 60% of the world's population being Asian and countless Asian ethnicities, she realized that consumers were missing out on some of the best of Asian dining. Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino, Mongolian, Burmese, Malaysian, Indonesian, and numerous others offered fabulous dishes that were not represented in the "same old same old" dishes of the Chinese. Our vision is to employ a variety of delectable and unique Asian dishes to help expose you to a world of new experience and provide you escape from the mundane.


"I really enjoyed the options. I tried the Pad Thai and the Mango Chicken. Both were great. I would have tried some other dishes too but I was stuffed. I can’t decide whether I am going to try your curry or sushi next time.


- Steve Thorpe